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Fill Your Social Media Calendar With These 30 Content Ideas

Stuck in a content drought? Below you’ll find an entire month’s worth of content ideas for you to use throughout your small business’ social media accounts. Grab these plug-and-play content ideas, integrate them into your social media scheduler, and start showing up consistently for your audience.

Consistent, high-quality content on social media will not only attract followers but will also help you convert followers into clients!

30 Engaging Content Ideas For Small Business Owners

  1. Share behind the scenes of your workspace. What does your office look like? 
  2. What are the three most important tools of your trade? If you’re a digital entrepreneur, highlight the apps you use daily or the tech you use to keep your business running. If you’re a product-based business, show what production looks like or highlight the vendors you rely on. 
  3. What’s a song or playlist that always pumps you up? Is there something you always turn on when it’s time to focus and get to work? Share it with your audience and ask them to share their favorite pump-up songs too.
  4. Drop the details on how to get into your industry. Share 3 things that you wish you knew when you were first starting out. 
  5. Share three lessons that you’ve learned while growing your business. Could these have been avoided? Did they help you grow? Talk about it!
  6. Talk about your to-do list for the week. What do you have planned and need to accomplish this week?
  7. Unable to complete your to-do list for the week? Tell us about it and share those hurdles! 
  8. What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received. You can talk about the story in the caption or you can even turn the advice into a text graphic so it’s shareable among your audience.
  9. What does success look like to you? Share what brought you to this conclusion and what you’re doing to achieve your version of success. 
  10. What does your desktop look like right now? Are there ten different windows and tabs open? 
  11. Clear up 3 of the most common myths in your industry.
  12. Share 3 things you know that are super simple hacks that you’re surprised no one else does/you want to know if anyone else does these things too.
  13. We all have a favorite font. When you go to type a new Google Doc…what do you change the font to? Share your favorite font and ask your audience what their favorite font is.
  14. Ask a this or that question regarding something in your industry.
  15. Ask a this or that question on something random in your life. For example, Bagels with cream cheese or Bagels with butter? Then respond to each answer to connect further.
  1. Commit to a challenge or goal, share it with your audience and then ask who wants to join you on that journey. (This could be professionally or personally)
  2. Show a picture of your family or someone in your life that you’ve been proud to share your accomplishments in business (For example: Who you were able to pop champagne with after making your first big sale) and share a favorite moment.
  3. Talk about a TV show or movie scene that lives rent-free in your head. Bonus points if you can somehow relate it back to your workday.
  4. Throw some nostalgia at your audience with a “Remember when…” post. Then ask what your audience misses most about the time period related to your post.
  5. Create a “What Your XYZ Says About You” post that either pokes fun at or inspires your audience. (For example: What your order number says about you OR what your last [Your Brand Name] purchase says about you)
  6. What’s something that you always thought meant something else? (EX: Thinking LOL stands for “lots of love” instead of “laugh out loud” and saying LOL to someone whose cousin just passed away. [Yes, someone in my family made this mistake on Facebook once…LOL])
  7. Create a checklist or walk your audience through a specific workflow or process in your business.
  8. Share a fun and inspiring quote as a text graphic to help your audience make it through their Monday or to beat the Sunday scaries.
  9. Turn your favorite movie scene into a meme relating it to your industry.
  10. Share a success of the week. Did you sign a new client? Did you receive a new testimonial? Show off your success to your followers.
  11. Create a Throwback Thursday post and highlight a past version of yourself or your business.
  12. Who’s your biggest mentor? Whether it’s someone you admire and hope to meet one day or its your mother… tell your audience what it is about this person that you look up to. What qualities do you admire most about them?
  13. Take your followers through your daily routine or how you start your day in a quick reel.
  14. What’s one social cause or organization that you’d like to donate to regularly? Create a promotion where all sales will be donated to your organization of choice. You’re able to help your followers by providing them with value and the chance to give back to an organization you both care about.
  15. What’s your coffee order? Are you a tea drinker? Vodka? Wine? Talk about your favorite beverage and why it brings you a little bit of joy.

Whether you choose to use these content ideas on your Instagram feed, inside your Facebook group, or on your IG stories, these social media content ideas are sure to bring engagement to your small business’s accounts. 

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