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How To Manage The Stress of Content Creation

As Stress Awareness Month is coming to a close, I felt it was important to talk about how to handle the stress of constantly being able to create content.

Setting realistic goals is the best way to manage the stress of constantly creating content. First, make sure you are focusing on small goals that you can easily achieve, and then take a step back and reassess your goals if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

For example, if you know you’re only going to be able to produce one blog post per month, don’t tell yourself that you’re going to be posting a blog weekly. 

Establish your bare minimum. Commit to reaching the bare minimum. That’s it. 

Any additional content you create can be considered a bonus OR you can simply get ahead of your content creation by scheduling the content for the future. 

Content Creation Blueprint

When should I outsource content creation or social media marketing?

My clients often ask me, “How do I know the right time to outsource content creation?” and my answer is always the same:

As soon as you feel overwhelmed by it or simply just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

On the same token, social media marketing or creating content specifically for social can be a lot of work. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, it’s always best to outsource it.

Content creation encompasses so many different aspects of marketing. Content is everything and everywhere. 

Start breaking your content creation tasks into smaller buckets to first identify what needs to be created.

For example, do you have blog posts to write? Podcast episodes to record? Social media posts to create? Graphics to design? 

Break down each piece of content that’s on your to-do list and then establish which pieces of content you enjoy working on, those are the tasks that you keep. The tasks that leave you feeling overwhelmed or simply uninterested are the perfect aspects of content creation to outsource. 

How Can Content Creation Become More Easily Managed?

Creating content is a time-consuming and difficult process, but it can be made easier by taking certain steps.  First, it is important to have a clear goal for the content that is being created. Second, it is important to have a system in place for tracking progress and ensuring that your content goals are met. 

There are a lot of great content creation tools out there that make it easy for you to schedule and manage your content. You can use something as simple as Google Sheets or a more complex program like Airtable. Then when it comes to scheduling your content in advance, you can use a scheduling software like Sendible.

Again, always establish clear goals for yourself when it comes to content creation, and then stick to those goals as much as possible.

If you’re able to set up systems and processes so the creation of content isn’t as overwhelming or time-consuming, you’ll be able to get more done overall and have more enjoyable experiences along the way. 

3 Tips To Implement Before Reaching The Breaking Point & Outsourcing

  • Invest in templates (caption templates, graphic templates, ai copywriting tools, etc.)

    Having well-designed, consistent templates will help you produce high-quality content faster and with less effort.

    There are a variety of template management tools available online or in software stores. Some of the most popular include Caption Templates, Graphic Templates, AI Copywriting Tools, and Content Marketing Software.

    Using templates can save you time and money by making it easier to produce high-quality content quickly. It’s also important to use the right templates for your audience and topic.
  • Create a minimum viable schedule (what’s the minimum you can commit to every week? Set that as your goal – everything else is a bonus)

    Creating content is a key part of running a successful blog, but it can be stressful and time-consuming. To manage the stress of constant content creation, set a minimum viable schedule (MVS) and commit to creating at least that amount of content each week.

    This will allow you to focus on creating quality content while also giving you room to improve your output. Additionally, establishing an MVS will help you stay on track and make better decisions about what topics to write about. By setting goals and committing time each week, you’ll be able to produce high-quality content that your readers will appreciate.
  • Repurpose and redistribute old content (you’re probably sitting on a goldmine of past content that you can breathe new life into)

    There is a lot of content out there that can be repurposed and redistributed to create new and engaging content. By taking old content and rewriting it in a fresh way, you can provide your audience with new and interesting information on a regular basis. This can help to relieve some of the stress that comes with creating content on a regular basis. By using repurposing and redistributing old content, you can keep your blog running smoothly without having to spend too much time creating new content.

There are many ways to manage the stress of constant content creation, but the most basic reminder is to simply take some time each day for yourself to relax and recharge. This will allow you to come back refreshed and ready to tackle your next project.

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