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How To Organize and Optimize Your Content Planning For 2024

Somehow, we’ve managed to make it to Q4 in a blink of an eye.

And like most business owners, I’m sure you’re realizing you’re a day late and a dollar short when trying to plan a Black Friday promo. Not to mention any additional holiday sales campaigns you may want to run before the new year.

If you know what you’re selling, but the how of promotion has got you scrambling…I see you and I’m here to help!

It all starts with an effective content plan.

When prepping for a launch or a holiday sale, your non-promotional content is just as important as your sales content.

This is why you need to plan everything out WAY before it comes time to hit publish and share your offer with the world.

We can’t just sprinkle in a little education, and a lot of humor, drop a sales post on Instagram, and think we’re going to be racking in the big bucks.

Your content is very much like a recipe – there are necessary ingredients – some of which you can swap and throw in – but there are other aspects that are vital for a deliciously successful end result.

So let’s take a step back and read the ‘content recipe’ in full before throwing posts into the pot.

For the sake of example, imagine we’re a calligrapher and we plan on launching our brand new “How to Hand Letter” course on Black Friday.

If our plan is to launch that course in November, we can’t just start talking about how to hand-letter a week before Black Friday…we have to lean into this content topic a month (at least) earlier on social media.

Mock two-week october content plan

Above, you’ll see a mock two-week content plan for October to start priming your audience.

We want to prime our audience on social media throughout the whole month prior to our promo and throughout the weeks leading to the actual promotion.

Once you’ve mapped out your social content, you can begin to elaborate on specific topics within your email newsletter over the course of the month prior to promotion.

Then when it comes to actually launching and having a Black Friday promotion, you’re going to want to steal this week-of email sequence.

There’s clearly a ton of content to create and keep track of when it comes time for launch mode, but did you ever realize how important your content plan throughout the entire year was?

Going back to my content recipe example… Do you have a solid recipe to follow? Or are you just winging it and hoping for the best?

Either way, The ClickUp Content Calendar System is here to help!

My personal favorite aspect of The ClickUp Content Calendar System is how you can map everything out in one place (The Content Brain Dump Doc) and then organize your thoughts per quarter/month before transitioning the ideas you want to move forward with into actual content pieces.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m talking about:

content brain dump - clickup content calendar system
quarterly content planning - clickup content calendar system

With multiple viewing options, a done-for-you organizational structure, and ready-to-go workflows, the hard part of organizing your content is already complete!

Just pop in your content ideas and update their status as you go.

Click Here To Grab the ClickUp Content Calendar System

Think of the ClickUp Content Calendar System as your recipe book that houses your one-of-a-kind content recipe.

By staying organized and meticulously planning out your content as you head into the new year, you’ll be ten steps ahead of your competition.

Let’s enter 2023 with the motto of – No more content just for content’s sake.

It’s time to publish content strategically and intentionally.

Without a strategy, your content is just noise.

So let’s turn down the noise and amplify the intention with each piece of content we create.

Download the ClickUp Content Calendar System before posting any more unplanned content.

t's time to publish content strategically and intentionally.  Without a strategy, your content is just noise. So let's turn down the noise and amplify the intention with each piece of content we create.

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