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How To Plan A Last-Minute Black Friday Promotion

Collectively, last year, Black Friday promotion resulted in a record-breaking $9 BILLION in revenue from online sales. And according to data from Fohr, over 71% of consumers will be using Instagram to shop for their holiday gifts this year.

What’s that mean for you?? It’s your turn to grab a piece of the Black Friday Revenue Pie.

While it may be too late to launch a brand new product for Black Friday (unless you have some superhuman ability I don’t know about), it’s not too late to put your head down and get to work on a Black Friday sales campaign!

Step 1: Choose Your Black Friday Promotion Plan

The two easiest ways to launch a Black Friday Promo are as follows

  • Give a limited time discount to one product
  • Bundle two of your products together for a discounted price

Step 2: Plan Your Promotional Content

Your email subscribers are your hottest leads (if you regularly pop into their inbox) so setting up your email campaign series overpowers social media promotion if you ask me. However, you should still be promoting on social media as well to make sure all of your leads have access to your Black Friday Promo.

  1. Tease your audience about the upcoming sale ONE WEEK prior to Black Friday.
  2. THREE DAYS before Black Friday, send a reminder email that the sale is coming.
  3. DAY OF Black Friday, send your main offer email in the morning.
  4. DAY OF Black Friday, send a reminder email during the afternoon
  5. SUNDAY AFTER Black Friday, send a reminder email that Cyber Monday is the last day of the sale to invoke urgency.
  6. MORNING OF Cyber Monday send your main offer email in the morning.
  7. AFTERNOON OF Cyber Monday, send your final notification / last chance email.

Step 3: Set Up Your Seamless Checkout Process

The most important part of promotions like these is to make the process as easy as possible for your customers. On days like Black Friday, people are more primed and ready to make impulse decisions on purchases they may not have said yes to otherwise. There’s just something so irresistible about a good sale!

Make sure to include both Paypal and Credit Card options for checkout, and highlight the fact that this deal will never be available again after Cyber Monday to drive the FOMO.

Step 4: Test Your Links + User Flow

Finally, make sure that all your links are linked correctly, your payment processor is ready to go, and your follow-up sequence once someone makes a purchase is clear and easy to understand. There’s nothing worse as a consumer than buying something and not knowing what to do next.

Keep it easy, fast, and accessible!

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How To Plan A Last-Minute Black Friday Campaign

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