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7 Content Pillars For a Successful Instagram Feed

How do you know what to post on social media? There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out what Instagram content you should publish. These seven Instagram content pillars are going to elevate your social media posts and help you never run out of content ideas for your business’ Instagram again. 

That awful feeling of scrambling last minute for a post? Those days are over when you organize your Instagram feed into content pillars.

7 Instagram Content Pillars For Your Feed

Before we dive into what to include in these content pillars, let’s quickly go over all seven.

  1. About Me
  2. Behind The Scenes In Your Business
  3. Motivation & Inspiration
  4. Insight
  5. Share Your Why
  6. Benefits
  7. Products & Services

Explaining The Instagram Content Pillars

About Me

Your followers want to know the person behind the feed so share fun facts about yourself, life updates, and anything else that gives your audience a better chance to connect with you. I personally love utilizing #FridayIntroductions and using Stories to show the behind-the-scenes content of my life.

Get creative with this content and go deeper than just “Hi I’m Marissa and I’m an Online Marketing Strategist for Service Providers.” That’s boring! Tell your followers your go-to coffee order, your favorite place to relax, or a summary of the book you just read and can’t stop thinking about.

Here’s an example of an About Me post in action:

Behind The Scenes In Your Business

Who doesn’t love to see how their mentors structure their days or outline their documents? Start showing what it takes to launch a product or how you deliver your services. Show off any digital content you’ve been creating and take pictures of your workspace. 

Don’t worry about being picture-perfect, you’ll be surprised how much more connected your followers will be when they realize that you’re just like them and don’t have life 100% mapped out. 

Here’s an example of a Behind The Scenes post in action:

Motivation & Inspiration

We’ve all seen and liked motivational quotes or inspirational memes on Instagram. Let’s be real, they’re great pieces of quick content that many people can relate to.

But strategically, I use motivational posts as a last resort. Aka I was super busy this week and need a bit of motivation myself so here’s a pretty quote graphic to keep us both happy.

As long as you keep a running list of motivational quotes that inspire you, you will have this content pillar in your back pocket, ready to go at all times.

Here’s an example of a Motivation post in action:


Your followers are interested in learning more about you and more from you. Give them what they want and share your knowledge with them.

What can you teach? Create mini infographics in your posts, post a short series or a mini-course, share photos of yourself teaching at a live venue, or anything in between. The point of this content pillar is to simply share valuable information with your followers.

Here’s an example of an Insight post in action:

Share Your Why

No matter who you are or what you’re doing, there is an underlying reason why you are in business or why you chose to be a thought leader in your industry.

Talk about your why and how it inspires you to keep going each day in your business.

A fun way to get creative with this is to share photos of your family or pets and talk about how your business is able to support them, allows you to spend time with them, and does anything else that you’re able to do now that you have your own business.

It’s also fun to show before and after photos of how your business changed your life. Get creative and focus on storytelling to keep your audience engaged.  

Here’s an example of a Why post in action:


Share your client wins, testimonials, or any results people have gotten after working with you.

How can your products or services impact your customer’s life?

Share real-life examples; whether it’s video testimonials, screenshots of conversations, or converting emails into text graphics. 

Here’s an example of a Benefits post in action:

Products & Services – Talk about those money-makers!

Don’t forget to sell your products and share how people can work with you.

Post product images, videos of you talking about your products, and information about what’s specifically included in your products/services and who they’re designed for.

How do your products solve your follower’s problems? Tell them! Make it easy for your followers to know they need your products/services.

And last but not least, here’s an example of a Product/Services post in action:

While it’s ideal to alternate between all 7 of these content pillars throughout your feed, don’t be afraid to mix it up and see what type of content works best for your specific audience.

You’re allowed to go heavy in a few of these pillars while sprinkling in the rest. If you scroll through my Instagram feed you’ll see that I definitely focus on Insight, Behind the Scenes and About Me posts the most.

Just remember that your feed should never be overwhelmed by one specific content pillar. 

Intertwine these different types of posts for a well-rounded Instagram feed that your followers won’t be able to get enough of.

I’ve also created a simplified version of Instagram Content Pillars for business owners here. Feel free to check it out for more insights and examples.

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