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How To Use Instagram As Your Client Converting Machine

What if I told you I haven’t had a sales call in over 6 months but I’m closing higher-ticket products and services more frequently now than ever before? Content marketing and using social media strategically (specifically Instagram marketing!) are all I’m doing to make an income.

Hold onto your pants, because I’m about to spill the tea on exactly how I’m using Instagram strategically so you can recreate the results for yourself. 

Three strategies to help you use Instagram as a client-converting machine:

Identify and Integrate Yourself Amongst Your Ideal Customer

Identify exactly who your business is serving. This person is your ideal customer avatar or ICA.

The content you publish should be directly talking to this person. Each post needs to directly address your ICA’s pain points, desires, frustrations, etc.

Once your content is strategically aligned with your ideal customer, you need to make sure you connect with your ICA outside of your feed.

Discover the accounts they’re already following, track the hashtags they’re using, and essentially put your detective hat on to invisibly infiltrate their space.

Comment on their posts, reply to their story content and truly show up for them before they even know they need your products/services.

Filter Out Your Followers By Developing A Clear Destination For Your ICA

Once the content you’re creating is relevant to your ideal client and you’ve started showing up on their radar, they’re going to want to learn more about you and from you.

The link in your bio is crucial for moving people deeper into your funnel. I recommend featuring a free lead magnet that promises huge (yet, obtainable) results.

You can think of the link in your bio as a water filter. 

Your Instagram collects all people who are slightly invested or interested in you. But note that these people may be your friends, family, industry peers, or your ideal customer.  

However, only your ideal customer is going to make their way through the digital Brita filter and onto your email list by subscribing to your free lead magnet.

Nurture Your Leads and Personalize Their Experience

Once someone is following you on Instagram and opts in to your lead magnet, you’re one step away from locking them in as a paying customer.

Keep providing highly valuable content and personalize their experience whenever possible. 

For example, if someone reached out to you in the DMs with a question, you can personally respond to their message but then also expand on the topic in your stories. 

Jump onto stories and say: “I just received a really great question about XYZ and I wanted to share my answer with all of you too.”  

By personally answering the person in the DMs and then also expanding on their question (which validates that they asked a great question) in your stories, you’re able to deepen your like, know, and trust factor.  All of these are essential in building a relationship with someone before they ever invest in your product or service. 

A Recap of Your Instagram Marketing Action Steps⬇

  1. Identify Who Your Ideal Client Is and Infiltrate Their Space 
  2. Learn everything you can about them and the information they want/need. Then start creating your content around your findings.
  3. Change The Link In Your Bio To Be A Lead Magnet or Free Resource
  4. Start filtering out your current followers by giving your ideal clients a way to show themselves to you. They gain additional free content from you in exchange for you now knowing who’s truly interested in learning from you.
  5. Start Having Conversations & Utilize Your DMs To The Fullest
  6. Answer any and all questions that come through your inbox. Then when you receive a solid question that will be applicable to more than just one person, share your answer on your stories as well. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s convert your followers into paying clients.

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