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How to Select Quarterly or Monthly Content Themes as a Service Provider or Small Business Owner

Having a theme for your monthly or quarterly content as a service provider or small business owner can help you develop fresh, innovative ideas on things to post for your targeted audience. 

Content ideation can feel difficult because you don’t want to feel like you’re saying the same things all the time. But while you think your content will quickly get boring and likely cause you to lose out on the opportunity to connect with new people, your audience is probably loving what you’re creating!

There are dozens of things to talk about that your audience would be interested in reading, no matter your niche. 

While it may feel like a challenge to talk about something new that you haven’t discussed before, there are a few ways to set yourself up for success and select the perfect themes to use each month.

Make a List of Your Monthly/Quarterly Goals

Before determining monthly content themes to work with, make a list of your quarterly or monthly goals. 

Consider the things you’d like to achieve with your content to take your business to the next level. These may include:

  • Connect with a new audience who can benefit from the products or services you provide.
  • Increase engagement between your brand and followers to gain more sales and shares on social media.
  • Strengthen the loyalty and trust between your brand and your followers so that they’re more likely to buy from you than your competition.
  • Create a sense of excitement over something specific going on within your niche.
  • Teach your followers something new by offering tips, suggestions, and guidance they can use in their daily lives.

When you know what you’re trying to achieve with your content, it becomes easier to develop themes that work with your niche and get the positive attention you want and need.

Identify Your Core Content Themes

Now that you’ve identified and set the specific goals you’d like to achieve with your monthly or quarterly content, your next step is to consider the core content that works best with your business model. 

While core content varies from one business to the next, these are some basic options for posts on blogs, sites, and social media:

  • Addressing a Pain Point – You might create content regarding your audience’s pain points and what you can do to help them. Business owners often take this common approach when creating content to gain the attention of people who can benefit from their services.
  • Offering a Tutorial/Tips – Content providing tips or tutorials can increase engagement and get people more interested in what you post.
  • Answering Common Questions – Consumers often have questions they want answered, and one way to address them is through valuable content that provides the in-depth answers they want.

Once you make a list of core content to work with, creating themes for each month or quarter will come naturally to you!

Content Creation Blueprint

Search Everywhere for Inspiration

Don’t hesitate to look around for inspiration when developing themes for your content. You can use holidays and seasons to your advantage, too! 

For example, if you’re selling beauty products geared towards women and the summer is approaching, you might want to create a “Hot Girl Summer” theme for June, July, or August. 

Look online to see what your competition is doing, go through your Instagram feed to see how other businesses stay connected with their audiences, and even search for content theme ideas on Google. 

You’ll find dozens of options that align with your niche and the core content you’d like to create to stay active and in touch with consumers.

Selecting content themes as a service provider or small business owner may seem challenging when you feel you’ve already talked about everything. But, the truth is that there are always new and exciting ways to present information to consumers. 

Use these tips to make the process of creating exciting themes as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

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