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What’s Evergreen Content & How Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

What is evergreen content and how can creating this type of content benefit your small business? Simply put, evergreen content retains its relevancy, regardless of when it’s consumed. As a small business owner, creating content is often a daunting task. While content creation requires your attention, this task often gets pushed to the back burner. 

Let’s bring content creation to the front of your mind and start with this question:

How do you create content with impact? 

When writing content for your business, think about the long-term logistics of the information you’re sharing.

Will this piece of content be relevant to your audience in a month or even a year? If the answer is no, I would save your idea for a social media post, as opposed to writing a blog post on the topic. 

Evergreen content is content with a long shelf life. Think of “long shelf-life” content as what you would type into a Google search.

For example: If you landed on this blog post, it’s because you searched for something along the lines of “what is evergreen content” or “how can evergreen content help my business?” 

Both of those searches are not time-based or non-seasonal requests. 

Anyone, at any point in time, could be searching for those answers – which makes this informative blog post…you guessed it…a piece of evergreen content. 

What Are The Benefits of Writing Evergreen Content?

When you create evergreen content, you’re creating timeless content. 

The timeless element allows you continuously share what you’ve created over and over again.

While your audience grows and your business expands, you will always have these foundational content pieces to fall back on.

Running low on content ideas for social media? Grab one of your evergreen content pieces and repurpose it into a week’s worth of social posts. 

Promoting a new lead magnet that ties into a core concept in one of your evergreen blog posts? Go back to your post, add the lead magnet graphic, and edit the CTA. Now anyone new stumbling onto your content will gain additional knowledge from you!

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what evergreen content is, let’s share some examples.

Content Creation Blueprint

Examples of Evergreen Content For SEO Purposes:

  • How-to Posts
  • Product descriptions or “recipe” type content
  • Educational content with data or case studies
  • Listicles

Note: For even more evergreen content ideas, I recommend checking out this blog post from CopyBlogger. 

Examples of Evergreen Content For Social Media:

  • Inspirational or Motivational Posts
  • Educational “How-To” Posts
  • Engagement driving “Question” Posts

How Evergreen Content Differs When Writing For Social Media

When thinking about evergreen content on the web – blog posts, podcast episodes, Youtube videos – the goal is to be search engine optimized. This is so anyone looking for information about the topic can easily find it through Google. 

Whereas evergreen content on social media – Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Linkedin posts – is more geared towards content that can be repurposed. This type of content will be reutilized on a different date without the need for an explanation. 

For example, if you’ve ever invested in caption templates or caption prompts for social media, these are usually evergreen-based posts. 

The beauty of this type of social media resource is that you’ll acquire an archive of ideas ready to be used at any time.

Evergreen caption templates differ from repurposed content, as repurposed content is taking the same idea and re-integrating into different variations – often one after the other. 

Looking to dive deeper into how to create content for social media?

If you want to dive deeper into how to create content for social media, I recommend checking out this blog post on the seven essential content pillars to fill your Instagram content calendar.  

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