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3 Mindset Shifts That Will Help To Launch Your Online Business

There are only three reasons why you haven’t launched your online business yet, my friend. And before you tell me it’s because you don’t have the time or money to commit to doing what you love…it’s your mindset blocks. The truth is, resources are irrelevant. It’s your mindset that’s holding you back.

If you haven’t launched your online business yet, it’s due to one of the following mindset blocks:

  1. Fear of Failure
  2. Fear of Judgement
  3. Lack of Clarity

Before I explain how to overcome these mindset blocks, here’s a quick story about my first business SPIES; which stood for Support People In Every Situation. 

When I started SPIES in 2013, it was a clothing line that raised mental health awareness. As time went on, the physical product transitioned into an online platform where people could share their mental health stories and not feel alone.

Needless to say, openly talking about my own mental health struggles did not fly over so well with my family. They doubted I was making the right decision by being so transparent about my life on the internet. 

First, they said that I simply shouldn’t be sharing this information with strangers, then they said it would deter future employers from hiring me, etc.

As my family is very important to me, I started to listen when they tried to tell me that my endeavor would never become a profitable business. Listening to these fears distracted me from taking the leaps towards success that I so desperately craved

Luckily, I was able to overcome my mindset blocks and inspired thousands of people to share their mental health stories. I coached female entrepreneurs with mental health issues on how to integrate strategies and automation into their business. I was featured in dozens of podcasts and blogs, and I even gave keynote speeches about running a business while living with mental illness. 

If I didn’t shift my mindset and allowed FEAR to hold me back, I would have missed out on so many amazing opportunities like the aforementioned experiences.

Which of the following mindset blocks are holding you back from launching your online business?

1️⃣ Fear of Failure

The fear of not succeeding is one of the biggest roadblocks we come across throughout our entrepreneurial journey. 

In fact, our fear of failure can be so debilitating that it holds us back from even beginning the journey. 

Is this something you relate to? The constant nagging in the back of your mind telling you that you might fail? Or the voice telling you you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship?

The best way to combat the fear of failure is to take a step forward… even if you’re shaking in your boots. 

Nine times out of ten, no one will be paying attention to what you’re doing. Most people aren’t watching what you’re putting into the world, so remove this fear from your mind.

We’re under the impression that our followers are watching our every move. But honey, we’re lucky if our followers see 10% of the content we produce. 

Just start creating, publish your website, and show up on social media. You’ll learn along the way and eventually figure it out. (I promise.)

2️⃣ Fear of Judgement

There’s not a single person reading this right now who doesn’t worry about what other people think about them. (Myself included!)

We can always play the IDGAF card but we all know that deep down you really do give a F. So you might as well just come face to face with this fear. (Truth hurts, sister.)

The people we fear being judged by is always an interesting mix. 

Maybe you’re…

  • Afraid of what your current boss will think if you start putting out content as a side hustle. 
  • Worried about what your family will think when you start posting about your business on social media. 
  • Feeling fear around what your colleagues will think when you start to break away from the standard path they’re following.
  • Terrified of running into an old friend from high school and having to say that you have your own business.

The possibilities are endless and unique to each person reading this, but just know I feel you. 

I understand how stressful the fear of judgment can become. 

How are you supposed to start living the life you’ve been dreaming about when you’re wrapped up in what other people are saying about you behind closed doors? The answer is that you can’t!

To combat your fear of judgment, I recommend taking some time for self-reflection.

Please realize that when we start living for others, we start to stifle our success in order to fit in. When we don’t want to cause waves among our peers, we begin to hinder our own happiness.

No one other than yourself has the power to change your life. You can transform your life into a continuous moment you look forward to experiencing.

3️⃣ Lack of Clarity

We can finally stop talking about your fears, my friend, but the heavy lifting isn’t over.

I find the most undervalued mental roadblock is the task of becoming clear on why you’re creating a business.

And no, making money is not the why behind your business.  

Many people skip past this part of entrepreneurship. Lack of Clarity becomes clear once someone has set out to create their first product and no one is buying what they’re selling.

When you don’t have an ideal customer or client in mind when you launch your business, you’re essentially throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping it will stick. 

Your ideal client should have a problem that you know exactly how to solve.

Becoming clear on who you help and why you’re the perfect person to help them, will light a fire under you.

You need to get clear on exactly who you can help with your knowledge and experience. Without this, there will be nothing to inspire you to create.

Lack of clarity on your ideal customer/ client is so often overlooked. It might even seem irrelevant to think about when planning your online business; because c’mon, we know we can help everyone if we set our mind to it ‍♀️.

However, I promise you that once you become crystal clear on who you can help and HOW you can help them… the content ideas for your business will never stop flowing out of your noggin. 

With a clear customer in mind, you’ll become so inspired to start creating content that your fear of judgment and your fear of failure will become irrelevant. 

Your passion will begin to outweigh your fear. 

Okay, you’ve heard about the 3 mindset blocks that stop you from launching your online business. I’d love to know which one mindset block is currently holding you back.

Drop a comment below to let me know why you haven’t launched your online business yet.

PS: Be sure to check out this post on overcoming self-doubt for an even deeper dive into the topic of mindset.

3 Reasons Why You Haven't Launched Your Online Business - The Mindset Blocks Holding You Back

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