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Small Business Organization

Streamline Your Marketing: How To Craft Time-Saving Templates in ClickUp

If you’re a service provider or small business owner, you know just how important it is to stay organized and plan ahead with your business. Especially when it comes to staying active with your marketing. One way to ensure you never drop the ball on your internal marketing efforts again is to start relying on […]

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free digital apps for business owners

Honestly, is there anything better than being efficient? My motto for life and business has always been to work smarter, not harder. When I discover a new time-saving app, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m trying it out. Over the years I’ve found some gems (and quite a few clunkers) when it comes to […]

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productivity tips for business owners

Productivity, organization, and efficiency as a small business owner are as essential as having a consistent cash flow. Some might even say you can’t have one without the other, which is why I want to share these productivity tips for my fellow online small business owners. Maybe it’s the Virgo in me or maybe it’s […]

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How To Define Your Small Business’s Ideal Customer (And Why It’s The Most Important Part of Your Marketing Plan)

When developing any product, service, or simply any piece of content for your small business, you need to keep your ideal customer avatar in mind. Have you taken the time to define your small business’s ideal customer?  When you’re trying to define your ideal customer avatar (ICA), you’re essentially trying to define the one person […]

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helpful resources for online business owners

Ready for a peek behind the curtain to see exactly how this small business works? I’m spilling the tea on every resource, software, and tool that has helped me run my small business, manage my social media accounts, stay productive, and more. Keep reading for all the small business resources that will help make your […]

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Productivity Hacks How To Get More Done While Working From Home

How do you plan for the upcoming week as a solopreneur, side hustler, or small business owner?  Are you a paper planner type of person? Or do you live and breathe for your Google Calendar?  No matter where you keep track of your daily to-do list, appointments, or deadlines… seeing everything you have to do […]

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small business quarantine

Despite the small period of freedom we all felt when restaurants started to reopen and stores began to open their doors, quarantine is still in effect across the country. What does this mean for your small business? The current times are very uncertain for small business owners and I have a feeling the second wave […]

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